It’s been one hell of a summer this year with some amazing gigs & festivals, a bunch of new material coming in to the set and plans afoot for the debut studio album. We kicked off festival season back in May with a gig at Wild Boar Blues Festival at Green Valley Arts in Upper Cwmtwrch, Wales. A beautiful site that snakes up a valley, bordered by a river and full of the nicest people you’d hope to meet. It’s available for camping, artists retreat or just chilling out all year round and it comes highly recommended. We also heard for the first time our new favourite act “Funke & The Two Tone Baby“. Check him out, one of the best live performers we’ve come across.

Wild Boar was an excellent start to the season and it continued with shows at Farmyard Party, Glastonbury (three shows), Ashcott Beer Festival, The Godney Gathering, Farm Festival and a host of gigs in great venues around the south west and further afield. Farmyard Party was a highlight and you can see a little video of the trip on our video page featuring new song “Roadside Soul”. We’ve also been taking some pictures of the amazing people we’ve played to. Here’s a couple from Farmyard Party and Farmfest.

swampgrass at Farmyard Party

Farmyard Party 

Swampgrass at Farmfest 2015

Farmfest 2015 







It’s always a shame to find most of the summer behind you but we still have some great shows coming up so now is not the time to be dispirited. We travel to Surrey this Saturday to play at The Cedar Tree in Bagshot as part of their Rhythm & Blues weekend and the following week we play at The Green Gathering on both Saturday & Sunday. The week after we start tracking drums for the album and on the 28th of August we have a gig in Glastonbury at Hawthorns (the landlord Simon’s birthday party!). In September we have both Hazey Daze Gathering and Clevedon Tides festival so there are still plenty of opportunities to come and party with the mighty blues.

If you’d like to come to the Green Gathering we have a discount code we can offer to fans so get in touch on the contact page or via Facebook.