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Glastonbury Calling

Glastonbury Calling is a multi venue, one day festival held throughout Glastonbury on the last Saturday of February each year. In 2017 the date is the 25th of February and the venues are The Hawthorns, The Assembly Rooms, The King Arthur, The Market House, The Riflemans Arms and The Bocabar. Organised by Glastonbury FM’s Ian Liversidge – Presenter of Thursday Live and noted supporter of all things local and musical – and his team, the proceeds of Glastonbury Calling all go to funding Glastonbury FM, our local community radio station. In 2016 this amounted to £1500 which is brilliant for a community radio station.

We are very happy to be involved in Glastonbury Calling in 2017 and hope that you might consider buying yourself a ticket and checking out some great music throughout the day. Tickets are only £10 + £1 booking fee and can be bought online at Bristol Ticket Shop as well as in person from Jaywalk Guitars and The Bocabar. We’re playing at The King Arthur at 9pm and we’re followed by John E Vistic, an incredible act from Bristol so we’ll definitely be sticking around to watch that. Below are some other acts we’ll be hoping to catch on the day.

The Dead Freights

What can we say? We love this band and catch them whenever we can. If you like great songs, tight grooves and vocal harmonies the Dead Freights will be an addictive substance. Their debut EP is on heavy rotation at Swampgrass HQ and in the gig van but you need to see them live to truly appreciate how good they are and how great they are going to be. You can see them during Glastonbury Calling at 17:30 in The Bocabar. Worth a tenner of your money alone.


Eccentric psychedelic britpop honytonk anyone? Too bloody right. Brilliant songs (spotting a theme here?) the like of which you won’t hear anywhere else. Curious arrangements of joy featuring the multi instrumental wonder that is Jesse who’s guitar playing is excellent but who will also turn his hand to accordion, banjo and lap steel during the gig. Unique and wonderful and you can catch Flipron at 15:45 at The Hawthorns. Early Pint anyone? Damn right.

Duncan Batey Trio

If you’re heading to the Hawthorns to see Flipron get down a little earlier to catch the Duncan Batey Trio. Majestic rock ballads in a folk style. It’s like Radiohead with a fiddle. Expect very strong vocals and very tidy songwriting. All available to you at the very early time of 14:30 in The Hawthorns. To be honest if you head to the Hawthorns from Midday you are going to be watching quality music all afternoon (as you will at all the other venues but we know the guys playing at The Hawthorns and they’re all really very good).

Ant Noel & The Peabody Drakes

We went and watched Ant play at The Bocabar recently and it was a brilliant show. Again the songs are the key as they are really very well crafted and delivered by a band of exceptional ability. The clarinet is key throughout and some of the solos are jaw dropping. Tight harmonies and a varied and interesting set. We won’t be able to catch them at Glastonbury Calling as we’ll be taking the stage during their set but if you aren’t at The King Arthur watching us and you’re not at the Assembly Rooms watching Truthseekers or at the Bocabar watching Shoot The Moon head on up to the Riflemans and catch Ant Noel & The Peabody Drakes at 20:45.

Lazy Daze

We’ll be sharing a stage with Lazy Daze later in the year at the Glastonbury Fringe Launch Party and I reckon we’ll take the opportunity of an 11pm start time to check them out in The Assembly Rooms at Glastonbury Calling. We shall be well beery by then so expect boisterous behaviour. From the stage you can expect lots of vocals and anthemic songs.

Of course you could ignore all these suggestions as the lineup is so strong you could walk into any venue at any time and catch a great act. Grab yourself a ticket, try something new and see someone you don’t know. It’s yet another great day out in Glastonbury.

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