While we are working on studio versions of new material which will be released in the coming months we have always wanted to capture our live show with a decent recording. To that end we will be having a live album recording party at The King Arthur in Glastonbury on Thursday, October 23rd.

We’re going to kick off proceedings at 9pm and wind up around 11pm.  You are invited to sing along, dance, shout comments and generaly make the room sound as “live” as possible.  So tell all your friends, family, co-workers, social workers, bus drivers and people you meet in the street that there’s going to be a blues party in Glastonbury on the 23rd of October and you are all most welcome.

We would also be very keen for you to film as much or as little of the gig as possible on your phone or even a video camera and we’ll provide an easy way for you to upload the footage so we can produce some video of the gig.  All contributions used will be fully credited.

You will be able to pre-order the album on the night at a very friendly “we love you all” discounted rate.