Just to break up the stories that are all about us we thought we’d start posting some opinion pieces about the blues we love, the blues that keeps us making the music we – and hopefully you – love and appreciate. There are so many awesome blues acts that have inspired or continue to inspire generations of music lovers and we feel that we’d like to doff our blues hats in the direction of those artists that have touched a nerve or spoken to us in the mysterious way that only a blues tune can.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Listen to this and then identify half a dozen more well known acts that have been inspired by this incredible lady. She has to be one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.  Just incredible.

Gregg Allman

Have a listen to this acoustic version of Gregg’s “Come and Go Blues” from the Brothers and Sisters album. Amazingly soulful vocal and a way too cool guitar part. Amazing.

North Mississippi Allstars

This is just way too cool. Great instrumentation and it’s just a great tune from the old devil dealer himself, Robert Johnson.

We’ll keep it short this time but we will post more of the tunes we love and anything new we come across to spread the love of the blues. If you agree – or disagree – with our opinion please leave a comment. Feel free to suggest your own favourites. We love to hear things we haven’t heard before